Wednesday, March 25, 2009


mindless mutant s/t
locust/m.i.t.b. split
iron lung. sexless//no sex
doppleganger. concord thrash inquesition
hatred surge/insect warfare split
hatred surge s/t
insect warfare. at war with grind core
carcas grinder/insect warfare split
capitalist casualties/m.i.t.b. split
cry now, cry later comp. volume 1
cry now, cry later comp. volume 2
cry now, cry later comp. volume 3
cry now, cry later comp. volume 4
plutocracy. dankstahz (aka slight discography)
weekend nachos. punish and destroy
slight slappers. the very best of.
godstomper. art damaged masochist volume 1
godstomper/hewhocorrupts split
reality comp. part 1
reality comp. part 2
reality comp. part 3
capitalist casualties/straightedge kegger bootleg 7"
the endless blockade. come friendly bombs
agathocles/godstomper split
thrak s/t
final draft s/t
axrxm/final draft split
knife fight. crisis
punch. eyeless
peter mangalore. decay of the iron man
weekend nachos. torture
a sign of impending doom comp.
arctic choke. the 4-20 demos
max ward/scrotums split
godstomper/lake effect split
protestant/rhino charge split
the endless blockade/iron lung split
straightedge kegger. fuck the kids
no comply/xbrainiax split
boycott/tuco ramirez split
magrudergrind/a warm gun split
sect. group sect demo
the earwigs. really short and unofficial august 1990 rehearsal tape
in disgust/sidetracked split
c.b.s./weekend nachos split
vitamin piss s/t
trapped in a scene comp.
female snake s/t
in disgust. reality choke
protestant s/t
ans. romancing the phone
touche amore s/t
bizarre x/lake effect split
gorgonized dorks/godstomper split
mind of asian/voetsek split
venganza. 2007 demo
thousandswilldie. for when there is no more room in hell
¡LibĂ©rate! s/t
guyana punch line. youth for smashism
agents of abhorrence/iron lung split
hatred surge/iron lung collaboration

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